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Psychology – Chapter #10 Outline – 11/12/07 CHAPTER #10 – BEHAVIOR IN SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT Norms (social) – Rules that regulate social life, including explicit laws and implicit cultural conventions. Roles – A given social position that is governed by a set of norms for proper behavior. Stanley Milgram – Designed an experiment to test how many people would obey an authority figure when directly ordered to violate their own ethical standards. o About (2/3) of participants obeyed the orders of the authority figure and administered a shock to the “learner” (on behalf of their role as “teacher”) that
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Unformatted text preview: reached the maximum voltage (450 Volts XXX) o People were likely to disobey under these conditions: When the experimenter left the room When the victim was right there in the room When two experimenters issued conflicting demands When the person ordering them to continue was an ordinary man When the subject worked with peers who refused to go further o According to Milgram, obedience was more of a function of the situation than the particular personalities of the participants. Personality traits always have less influence on behavior than the demands of the situation. o...
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