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Psychology – Chapter 2 – 9/17/07 Personality – Refers to a distinctive and reliably stable pattern of behavior, mannerisms, thoughts, and emotions that characterizes an individual over time. Traits – Habitual ways of behaving, thinking, and feeling. Biological research has offered a new view of personality: that about half of the variation in human personality traits is due to genetic variations and has nothing to do with unconscious motives or how your parents treated you. Psychoanlaysis – A theory of personality and a method of psychothereapy developed by Sigmund Freud; it emphasizes unconscious motives and conflicts. Psychodynamic theories – Theories that explain behavior and personality in terms of unconscious dynamics within the individual. FREUD AND PSYCHOANALYSIS The “id” – In psychoanalysis, the part of personality containing inherited psychic energy, particularly sexual and aggressive instincts.
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