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review - 12-15-07

review - 12-15-07 - • The spores do mitosis because they...

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Alternation of Generations (Gametophyte vs. Sporophyte ) The haploid gametophyte produces gametes and they fuse into a zygote and now the zygote is diploid (diploid stage). It then grows and matures into an embryo. Then the embryo turns into the fern (which is a sporophyte). The clusters on the fern are sporangia and they do meiosis because they are diploid. Then you get haploid spores from the meiosis process.
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Unformatted text preview: • The spores do mitosis because they are haploid. • Enough mitosis events gets your gametophyte (start again) • The products of a diploid cell undergoing meiosis are 4 1n haploid cells that are all genetically diverse. • The products of a diploid cell undergoing mitosis are 2 identical cells. • The product of a haploid cell undergoing mitosis is 2 identical haploid cells....
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