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Biology 220 – Class Notes – 9/27/07 October 9 th , 2007 Next Exam Dr. Barros Teaching Photosynthesis and Respiration When taking the exam, write down any questions you have about the test question so that Next week – BE SURE TO RECORD THE LECTURE DURING RECETATION = THERE IS A REVISED LECTURE PP PRESENTATION ON THE WEBSITE Water is Absolutely necessary to survive – water access is critical
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Unformatted text preview: • Solar input – energy • Angle incidence – angle that solar rays are coming at the earth • 8 Major types of biomes DO THE TABLE on BIOMES Do this for CLASS, not RECETATION. • GO TO THE BIOME WEB PAGES. • DOWNLOAD BIOME TABLE OFF OF WEBSITE • 5 Questions for recitation in addition to Biomes. • Think about lectures and go over any questions you may have during recitation....
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