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Biology – Class Notes – 9/11/07 Cell Structure and Function – Chapter 4 Derived by Schleiden and Schwann (1800’s) o All organisms composed of 1 or more cells, where life processes of metabolism and heredity occur o Cells: Smallest living things and basic organizational unit of all organisms o Cells come from pre-existing cells All Cells have: o 1.) DNA in central area – “chromosome” o 2.) Plasma membrane o 3.) Cytoplasm – suspend organelles, molecules, enzymes, and ions o 4.) Ribosomes – to make proteins (they are really protein chunks) Prokaryote Eukaryote (Protista, Plantae, Animalia, Fungi) Nucleus None (DNA free in cytoplasm) Yes DNA surrounded by membrane system (nucleus) Size Small (1-10 micrometers – mostly unicellular) Relatively large (often multicellular) Membrane-bound organelles None Many Ribosomes Yes, 70S (S = Svedburg units) Yes, 70S in organelles 80S in cytoplasm, ER You should be able to tell the difference between prokaryote and eukaryote cells. Cells – Cell Walls – summary o You can test the outermembrane to determine which kingdom cells fall into o You can classify (by kingdom) cells based upon structure of the cell Bacterial Cell Walls o Gram-positive o Gram-negative Bacterial Cell Walls o Some proykaryotes also have cellular appendages o Pili (pilus) – used to stick to surfaces o Flagellum – rotates like a propeller
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o Flagelum – usually protein structure WHETHER U ARE A EUKARYOTE OR PROKARYOTE o A short course on Organelles and function! o
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Class Notes - 9-11-07 - Biology Class Notes Cell Structure...

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