Class Notes - 9-6-07

Class Notes - 9-6-07 - Biology 220 Class Notes 9/6/07 Check...

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Biology 220 – Class Notes – 9/6/07 Check out the web page in order to print off the recitation questions (Friday afternoon) First 6 questions – stuff we already learned next 4 or 5 questions can be answered in recitation The kind of questions on quiz – on exams Introductory Unit – Through the 11 th – 9/11 – Stuff covered in the recitation in will be material tested on the quiz Material you need to know for the quiz SEE HER ON THE 13 TH TO DETERMINE WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT AND HOW TO STUDY MEMBRANE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION - What functions does a membrane perform? o Separate cell from environment No cohesive unit otherwise o Regulate movement of materials between cell and environment o Provide Supporting structure o Anchor to neighbor cells o Provide information regarding cell recognition o Interface for communication with other cells Cells are all working together to perform a function o Participate in metabolism functions where gradient required o Flexibility for movement Without flexibility, cells do not work as well as they should - How can a membrane accomplish these tasks? Phospholipid bilayer o Makes membrane impermeable for polar, charged, and large molecules o Composed of phospholipids (polar head group, nonpolar fatty acid side chains) o Cholesterol in animal membranes interspersed between fatty acid chains Primary element: Modified as needed to maintain fluidity at extreme temperatures o But… The plasma membrane is more than just phospholipids In order to do what it needs to do o The more cholesterols present, the more stable the cell is. Rigidity (would provide the cell with rigidity, structure)
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This note was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course BIO 220 taught by Professor Cassiemajetic during the Fall '07 term at Allegheny.

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Class Notes - 9-6-07 - Biology 220 Class Notes 9/6/07 Check...

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