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Biology – Class Notes – 10/4/07 ENERGY UNIT Why do organisms need energy? o Active Transport o Chemical Reactions Generate metabolic heat Extrusion via contractile vacuole Muscular contractions Energy – Capacity to do work Potential energy – Stored Energy Kinetic energy – energy motion Biological Example: chemical energy Creation of “strong” bond – ATP o If you break that strong bond, you will release a lot of energy L.E.O the lion goes G.E.R o Losing electrons – oxidation o Gaining electrons – reduction Oxidation Reduction o Many of different ways to transfer/trap energy LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS 1 st : Total energy in the universe is constant
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Unformatted text preview: o Corollary: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but converted from one form to another o Input of energy into a system must come from another system o Conversion not 100% efficient – some energy dissipates as heats Conversion is efficient – some will be lost as heat – important – endotherms are able to regulate their body temperature because they are not efficient – lose heat! • 2 nd : Entropy of the universe is increasing o Corollary: disorder is more likely than order Local organization of order requires input of order...
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