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Biology – Class Notes – 10/4/07 ENERGY UNIT Why do organisms need energy? o Active Transport o Chemical Reactions Generate metabolic heat Extrusion via contractile vacuole Muscular contractions Energy – Capacity to do work Potential energy – Stored Energy Kinetic energy – energy motion Biological Example: chemical energy Creation of “strong” bond – ATP o If you break that strong bond, you will release a lot of energy L.E.O the lion goes G.E.R o Losing electrons – oxidation o Gaining electrons – reduction Oxidation Reduction o Many of different ways to transfer/trap energy LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS 1 st : Total energy in the universe is constant
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Unformatted text preview: o Corollary: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but converted from one form to another o Input of energy into a system must come from another system o Conversion not 100% efficient some energy dissipates as heats Conversion is efficient some will be lost as heat important endotherms are able to regulate their body temperature because they are not efficient lose heat! 2 nd : Entropy of the universe is increasing o Corollary: disorder is more likely than order Local organization of order requires input of order...
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