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Bonnie Adams lab 3 prelab

Bonnie Adams lab 3 prelab - Bonnie Adams BME 405 Lab 3...

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Bonnie Adams BME 405 Lab 3 prelab 1: DAQ channels and instrumentation: These reading sections deal with DAQ systems, which are used by engineers to convert signals into the appropriate units. To start a MAX task, select Tools :: Measurement & Automation Explorer in LabVIEW and expand the Devices and Interfaces section, and open NI-DAQmx Devices. You can select which device to use, based on what your system has. The Device Routes tab provides more information about your signal. The device can be calibrated using the Calibration tab and the Self Calibrate option. To create and configure a NI-DAQmx task, right-click the Data Neighborhood icon and select Create New. Select NI-DAQmx Task and select your input. We can use the DAQ assistant to create tasks. This is found in Functions :: Measurement I/O :: DAQ-mx Data Acquisition. Place this on the block diagram, and the assistant will open and guide you to create the task. These tasks are local and cannot be saved for use in other applications. To avoid this limitation, right click the DAQ assistant in the block diagram and select Convert to Task Name Control. You can re-configure and re-name the task so that it can be saved in MAX to use in other programs. To use these saved tasks, go to Functions :: Measurement I/O :: NI-DAQmx Data Acquisition. You can either use the Operating tool to choose the task from the MAX utility, or you can use the Labeling tool to enter the channel number. For Digital Storage Oscilloscope: Use menu, ch 1 to set coupling. Keep the trigger level within the range of the signal, and have it set to ch 1. Use Measure control to measure amplitude, etc. To clean up noise, change from sample mode to average node. You can use the autoset button or the vertical and horizontal controls to get a good display of the signal.
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