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BIOLOGY 220 – RECETATION LECTURE – 12/11/07 1.) Carrying around a baby – energy intensive – the way these animals a. Better to lay an egg because: i. Larger clutches ii. More children 2.) No secondary sex characteristics – no negative feedback – a. What is getting shutoff – what is being released by the hypothalamus? i. GNRH ii. Pituitary gland releases LH and FSH 1. These go to the testes to produce testosterone b. There is no “STOP” signal – massive quantities of LH and FSH (which might cause testosterone to shut off)
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Unformatted text preview: c. YOU NEED TO KNOW FEEDBACK LOOPS 3.) Corpus leteum – temporary hormone gland – When this develops in a female, it produces progesterone and estrogen – these then send signals to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. 4.) FSH – found in females first a. LH – Lutenizing Hormone – b. FSH – stimulates the creation of eggs and sperms c. HCG – Human chorionic gonadotropin – Embryo and placenta secrete this enzyme – keep estrogen and progesterone levels high...
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