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Class Notes - 10-24-07

Class Notes - 10-24-07 - o Support re-training programs o...

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Macroeconomics – 10/24/07 – Class Notes PUBLIC POLICY AND JOB SEARCH Government-run employment agencies: o Info o Job banks Public training programs o Ease workers from declining industries o Help disadvantaged Unemployment insurance o State run programs o Increases search unemployment (frictional unemployment) o Generally pays (1/2) for (1/2) year if one qualifies Change Unemployment insurance o Washington state – Seattle - $500 bonus to find new job (incentive) – quick turnover o Government job information service: match applicants and positions
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Unformatted text preview: o Support re-training programs o Internet search CONCLUSION • Public policies toward labor markets have had conflicting effects. CHAPTER 16 – THE MONETARY SYSTEM • Money • The Federal Reserve Systems • How Banks Create Money • Federal tools THE MEANING OF MONEY • Money – Assets used to buy goods and serves o Creates a medium of exchange – acceptable as means of payment o Unit of Account – Prices denominated in money o Price of every good is denoted in terms of money...
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