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Macroeconomics – 10/24/07 – Class Notes PUBLIC POLICY AND JOB SEARCH Government-run employment agencies: o Info o Job banks Public training programs o Ease workers from declining industries o Help disadvantaged Unemployment insurance o State run programs o Increases search unemployment (frictional unemployment) o Generally pays (1/2) for (1/2) year if one qualifies Change Unemployment insurance o Washington state – Seattle - $500 bonus to find new job (incentive) – quick turnover o Government job information service: match applicants and positions
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Unformatted text preview: o Support re-training programs o Internet search CONCLUSION Public policies toward labor markets have had conflicting effects. CHAPTER 16 THE MONETARY SYSTEM Money The Federal Reserve Systems How Banks Create Money Federal tools THE MEANING OF MONEY Money Assets used to buy goods and serves o Creates a medium of exchange acceptable as means of payment o Unit of Account Prices denominated in money o Price of every good is denoted in terms of money...
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