Global Warming - Global Warming and Climate Change...

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Global Warming and Climate Change Meteorology and Space Science GEOL 1401 Professor Tom Bush Written by: Blake Best Where did the idea of global warming develop and how should it affect us today? This is a question many people are asking as politicians and environmental special
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interest groups shove this idea down our throats to further their agendas. How do politicians justify a statement that their policies and regulations help the global environment and slow down global warming? By using this very political idea of global warming. So, what is it? Global warming is a sensational term used to describe the general climate change over the past century or so. The United States Environmental Protection Agency knows the earth’s climate has changed over the lifespan of the planet. Our planet has gone through ice ages and long periods of warmth. Many natural factors have affected the climate change ranging from volcanic eruptions, changes in the Earth’s orbit, and the amount of energy released from the sun. During the late 1700’s and forward many activities associated with the industrial revolution have changed the composition of the atmosphere and therefore are very likely to be influencing the Earth’s climate. Since the industrial revolution humans have been emitting high concentrations of green house gases. Green house gases are made up of mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and are essential to the Earth’s survival. These gases prevent heat from escaping to space, much like the glass of a green house, and keep the Earth’s surface warmer than it would be without them. 1
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Global Warming - Global Warming and Climate Change...

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