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The Truth about Illegal Immigration Final Draft 11-16-07

The Truth about Illegal Immigration Final Draft 11-16-07 -...

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Scott Ketter The Truth about Illegal Immigration The United States of America and its economy are under attack, and have been for many decades, but not in the most obvious of ways. The U.S. along with its economy are being exploited not by large corporations, the stock market, outsourcing, or any terrorist organization. The un-transparent yet heavy hitting force invading this country, and destroying our economy in unprecedented numbers, is the result of illegal immigration. Annually the United States Border Patrol is taking in more than a million apprehensions of illegal’s who flagrantly violate our nation's laws. They do this in the simplest way, unlawfully crossing U.S. borders. Usually to work, and in many cases to receive publicly- funded services, often with the aid of fraudulent documents (“Minuteman Project”). Illegal immigration not only demolishes our economy, but also leads to various factors which drive the economy into a frenzy such as increased crime rates. As one author by the name of Patrick Buchanan named his book, “The Death of the West”, is exactly what is happening to our country and economy. I believe that illegal immigration needs to be ceased immediately in order for our economy to survive well into the future as well the landscape for future generations who will inherit our country. Illegal immigration is murdering our healthcare system and driving the U.S. economy into the ground like a nail and hammer. Every year hundreds of hospitals and urgent care centers are closed down because of the costs due to illegal immigrants taking advantage of our country’s laws. Illegal immigrants are killing our healthcare system because the laws of
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the U.S. require any person in medical need to be helped regardless if they have no money. The burden of illegal immigrants taking advantage of our emergency rooms can stem from sickness, drug related issues, pregnancies, gang violence, etc. To summarize, when an illegal immigrant walks into an emergency room and doesn’t have to pay a cent for an operation which would otherwise cost thousands of dollars, it starts to become a crisis. The costs which add up extremely quickly are then passed onto everyday law abiding and taxpaying citizens. The everyday citizen is forced to pay extra because the doctors have to charge extra to cover their ever mounting costs as well as many other factors. In 2004, California’s healthcare system alone was uncompensated and responsible for a bill of one-billion and four hundred million dollars, which was solely caused by the state's illegal alien population (“FAIR”).
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