syllabus07-103a - General Chemistry I Chemistry(CHEM 103A...

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General Chemistry I Chemistry (CHEM 103A) Fall 2007 Sections 1,2,5,6 Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00-10:50 AM (1,2) 2:00-2:50 (5,6) KOFFL 204 Instructor: Dr. John Pollard. OC 240, Phone 621-8843 [email protected] Office hours: Check 103a Webpage for Times. (Subject to change) Textbook: Silberberg Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change 4 th Edition . McGraw-Hill Goal: To develop an understanding of fundamental concepts and ideas in of the dynamics of chemical reactivity. Exam Schedule: Exam 1 September 14 (Friday) Exam 2 October 12 (Friday) Exam 3 November 9 (Friday) Exam 4 November 30 (Friday) Final Examination Dec 10 (Monday- 8PM -10PM)- No makeups or early exams STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES If you anticipate the need for reasonable accommodations to meet the requirements of this course, you must register with the Disability Resource Center and request that the DRC send me official notification of your accommodation needs as soon as possible. Please plan to meet with me by appointment or during office hours to discuss accommodations and how my course requirements and activities may impact your ability to fully participate. TEXTBOOK The textbook is a useful reference to study, get more information, solve problems, etc., but is only a tool. Lectures will not be strictly based on the textbook. Examination and problems sets will contain material from both the text and the class lectures. CALCULATOR The use of a hand calculator is essential for chemistry examinations and problem sets. All students must own and be able to use a calculator with the capability for basic arithmetic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. This calculator is required for class activities and examinations. CHEM 103A WEB PAGE
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syllabus07-103a - General Chemistry I Chemistry(CHEM 103A...

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