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Written Report #1 - Jennifer Jordan PSYC100; Section 0223...

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Jennifer Jordan 10-10-07 PSYC100; Section 0223 Written Report #1 Question #1: Those who believe in the trichromatic theory of color vision, modified by Herman von Helmholtz (1852), trust that the human eye has three types of color receptors with different sensitivities to different light wavelengths associated with the primary colors, red, blue, and green. Helmholtz theorized that people see the full spectrum of colors because the human eye is capable of doing its own color mixing by varying the ratio of neutral activity among these three types of receptors, later to be named cones (Weiten 134). The fact that any visible color can be produced from combining different combinations of the three primary colors held true to the logistics of Helmholtz’s speculation. The opponent process theory of color vision states that color perception depends on the receptors that make antagonistic responses to three pairs of colors, red versus green, yellow versus blue, and black versus white. This theory is able to offer evidence to account for the fact that if a person stares at a strong color and then looks at a white background, the color of the afterimage will be the color directly across the color wheel from the original color, or the complimentary color. The antagonistic processes in this theory provide a credible explanation for this phenomenon. Both theories have different explanations for color blindness that are consistent with each argument. Those who follow the trichromatic theory of color vision argue that since most people who suffer from color blindness only have two types of color receptors and they are usually insensitive to one color (red, green, or blue), it makes
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Written Report #1 - Jennifer Jordan PSYC100; Section 0223...

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