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Nikhil Sen 3/2/08 College Writing “Whither Psychoanalysis in Computer Culture” Summary and Response In the introduction, we learn that this essay focuses on the interactions that humans have with computers on a social level. The author, Sherry Turkle’s, work explores how our culture has evolved to incorporate artificial intelligence in our lives. Psychoanalysis is a “systematic structure of theories concerning the relation of conscious and unconscious psychological processes.” ( ) Turkle states that the computer culture needs a psychoanalytic understanding of our society in order to deal with our evolving relationships with the world around is. On the other hand, psychoanalysis needs to understand the influence that computational objects have on humans. She then begins to describe the various relationships we have with different types of computers. An example is a Palm Pilot, and how people rely on them to get through their everyday routines, they rely on this type of computer to do things for them. This is scary to some to think that their whole life is on this object, while others
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CW-psychoanalysis - Nikhil Sen College Writing...

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