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Unformatted text preview: Nikhil Sen 2/21/08 22875165 Sociology of Sport Berger Questions 1. I chose the paragraph at the bottom of page 12 of the article. Equally important is the way the average fan regards their favorite athlete, or team. The athlete completes the fan, to the point where the fan believes the athlete offers responses to aspects of his character that would otherwise remain unconfirmed. The fan believes that the athlete is affected by his/her support or criticism. The fan believes that they play a role to the athlete, that they do not play to anyone else. Furthermore, through autograph signings and opportunities to meet the athlete, the athlete can appear to react to the fan’s support. The athlete offers the fan a mirror to parts of their lives that are otherwise never reflected. The fan can see themselves experiencing events in the athlete’s life. But in this apparent relationship, the autonomy of both the parties has been lost (the fan has become the “special-man-he-is-only-to-the-athlete,” and the fan believes...
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