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Nikhil Sen 3/9/08 22875165 College Writing Interacting With a Text: Flying Air Jordan: The Power of Racial Images In this essay John Holberman analyzes the image of the black athlete in our society. He describes the perception of blacks as naturally superior athletes to whites. Holberman describes this stereotype of the black athlete that has solidified in our minds over the years. He also talks about the white athlete, and the immediate perception that they are not as gifted as blacks. These black athletes are thought of as only being competent on the playing field, and incapable of excelling in academics. On the other hand, it is believed that whites are the “thinkers” of our culture, and will never match up to blacks in athletics. Holberman goes on to say that our culture has evolved in order to incorporate blacks into all aspects of our society, not just sports. While I agree with many of Holberman’s initial points, I believe that his perception of racism in our society is a little bit extreme and that we live in a more equal society than he portrays in the essay. The beginning of the essay describes the black athlete and their reputation as outstanding athletes. Holberman uses anecdotes to support his statement that for decades blacks have been thought of naturally having superior athletic ability. I agree that our society automatically assumes that blacks are better at sports than whites. I can think of multiple personal experiences where I have just given up trying to compete with another
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CW-Interacting with a Text - Nikhil Sen 22875165 College...

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