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Ethics in Leadership

Ethics in Leadership - Ethics in Leadership Ethics in...

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Ethics in Leadership Ethics in Leadership EMBA656 S03 Ahmad Gray 5-25-2015 1
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Ethics in Leadership Introduction This paper will go over three different cases in ethical lapse in high profile companies. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was fired for lying on his resume. Second Robert Moffat a former senior vice president at International Business Machines. Moffat left the company after being involved in an insider trading case with a hedge fund group. Chris Albrecht, former CEO of Time Warner was force to leave the company over a battery charge against his girlfriend. This paper will going into the effects of how ethical lapse can cause problems for the company and in most cases a PR nightmare. This paper will discuss how companies can prevent accidents from happening. How should a company implement ethics standard procedures. Analysis Ethics are a set of behavior that are expected standards for a company or person. In the cases brought forth a high ranking official a company, you must keep in mind that you are a reflection of the company image. That awareness is expect that your business will make decisions with good ethic law. In the case of former CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson, was fired after the being on the job for four months. Scott was caught padding his resume with a embellished college degree (money cnn).
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