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Economics - The study of how societies provision themselves with the material means of existence (goods and services) Topics in Macroeconomics : Economic Growth, Unemployment, and Inflation Economic Growth, Unemployment, and Inflation - The Unemployment Report comes out once a month. This takes too long! - The Jobless Claims Report comes out weekly on Thursday mornings- it measures the # of people in the U.S. who filed an unemployment insurance claim for the first time in the week reported. (# of people who lost their job, qualify for unemployment, and claim it. o Reflective of the health of the labor market Bench Marks : - 450,000 - labor market in
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Unformatted text preview: contraction o recession # losing jobs > # finding jobs unemployment rate up significantly-400,000- labor market is stagnant o stagnant # losing jobs is about the same as the # finding jobs unemployment rate increasing slowly-350,000- labor market is expanding o expanding # losing jobs < # finding jobs unemployment rate down (net job increase )- U.S. is here right now (January 2006) 1 REMEMBER: X e t + 1 e- expected t- time + 1- in future Other Hints: -All info in test questions is relevant!!!-Remember to read articles on Blackboard.-ID is needed to take exam!-No scantron needed for exam....
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