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Exam Four Notes

Exam Four Notes - Exam Four o American Music A"Sonic...

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Exam Four: o American Music: A “Sonic Melting Pot” A Fertile Ground for American Music: Professional American performing groups - Instrumentalist, singings can have full time careers Educational opportunities, both here and abroad - Composers coming from Europe to teach here - And performers crossing the pond to study with the masters A sense of national identity and pride - National pride instead of regional An American listening public o The American Composers’ Approach: ECLECTICISM (unimportant) – Eclecticism: the approach the involves selecting what appears to be best from various doctrines, methods, and styles Aaron Copland (1900-1990) Fanfare for the Common Man Rodeo – Hoedown - His music in a lot of ways is an attempt to inspire Americans, and American pride - What makes them American: o Woodwinds, brass, percussion o Raw sound o Folk music o Directness Born in Brooklyn (NYC) Studied composition in Paris Inspired by subject matter of rural/western America Modern and Populist – wanted to bridge the gulf between modern music and the general public Appalachian Spring (1944) Ballet commissioned by Martha Graham Won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1945 A pioneer celebration of spring at a young couple’s (they’re shakers) newly- built farmhouse in Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. Use of temporal and sonic space - Temporal = time: longer notes to create a sense of space - Sonic = sound: Section 2 on the Listening Guide - Layering of 2 things: - dance like, rhythmic motive and hymn polyphonic of each other o American Musical Experiments (somewhere) Transcendalists Charles Ives (1874-1954) The first wholly original American composer (New England)
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Music education - Bandmaster father o From Danbury, Connecticut o One of New England’s finest -
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Exam Four Notes - Exam Four o American Music A"Sonic...

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