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Old Exam 1 - Date Name Student ID Discussion...

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Examples of E I Ques.doc 10/07 Page 1 Date Name: Student ID# Discussion Section Class – Exam I Year (Closed Book, xx minutes maximum) 100 points This exam consists of xx multiple choice questions, and xx problems. The answers to the multiple choice should be entered on your Scantron form. The last page of this exam gives a periodic table. You may tear it off to use during the exam. Do not use any other paper during the exam. You may do scratch work on the back of this page but place the setup back on the question on the exam and return the periodic table with the exam. Only pencils or pens, an allowable calculator, your student ID, and this exam may be in your workspace during the exam. Place your student ID on your desk where is can be seen by the TA’s. Fill in the top of this page and put the same information on the Scantron form in the boxes as indicated above. Read each question or problem or question carefully to make sure you understand what is being asked. In Part II problems requiring calculations, show your setup for the entire problem. Give units, and proper number of significant figures in the answer. Don’t erase work you think may be incorrect, just mark it out. When the exam is over, place your Scantron inside the front page of the exam, leaving about 1/2” extending out of the exam. Points Varies Total /100 Version A: Put this in the box labeled “Test No.” } “Name” } ”Subject”
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Examples of E I Ques.doc 10/07 Page 2 Part I: Multiple Choice - 4 pts each Put the correct answer on your Scantron.
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