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Heather Fackelman December 10, 2007 Great Books and Ideas Professor Chang Ways of Dealing In dealing with the many bumps and roadblocks that one encounters in life, there are three distinct ways of dealing and working past them. These three are Stoicism, Cynicism, and Epicureanism. None is better or healthier than the other; they are unique and each has its own characteristics. Stoicism is a way of being that shows no emotion. It calls for a person to be objective and use reason to work through problems. Cynicism calls for a skeptic who is distrustful and gives up on a cause. Cynics reject conventional ways of living and live in a simpler way. They often resort to violence to cope with their pain. Epicureanism is the third way of dealing, and it calls for a carefree, indulgent way of life. Epicureans enjoy life and seek pleasure, and ease their pain by doing so. They often spoil themselves by
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Unformatted text preview: eating, drinking, or shopping. Each is different, and unhealthy when encountered to an extreme. Seneca’s view is that anger is not natural, and it is completely unnecessary. Of the three, a stoic would deal with pain best. Stoics objectify negative circumstances and accept the unacceptable. They are able to cope with pain and hardships because they can be calm and neutral, understanding that things happen for a reason. While they are able to feel emotions and they certainly deal with the same problems as everyone else, they are able to deal better. They are perceived as stolid people because they do not outwardly show their emotions. They do not resort to overeating or overspending, nor do they resort to violence or skepticism. They are the most balanced of the three, and according to Seneca, they deal with anger in the most natural way....
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