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Lab 8: Chemical Kinetics: Iodine Clock Reaction Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the rate at which the following reaction occurs: Procedure: The team designed and performed experiments in order to determine the complete concentration and temperature dependence of the reaction rate for the reaction of peroxydisulfate ion and iodide ion in aqueous solution. The team ran five trials mixing different amounts of KI, S2O3, S2O8, and H2O and recorded the time it took for the reaction stated above to occur. This time recorded was the time it took for the mixture to
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Unformatted text preview: turn a dark blue color, which occurs when peroxydisulfate is mixed with iodide in the presence of starch and thiosulfate. One of the trials was preformed at a different temperature. The team then calculated the concentrations of each chemical present in each reaction, the reaction orders with respect to peroxydisulfate and iodide, the temperature specific rate constant for the two temperatures used, and the frequency factor (A) and the activation energy (E a ). Data and Calculations: See attached....
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