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BCOR%202300%20Quiz%202 - manager and employee Z – too new...

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BCOR 2300- Adding Value with Management Quiz #2 Email by 3/11/08 Send to: [email protected] Please place your TA’s Name in the subject line No attachments Consider yourselves operational managers. This email (below) is from your manager. It is up to you to communicate the information below to your team of direct reports who are both local and remote in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Remember, this is emotionally charged information you are passing on: Hello Operational Managers (that’s you): Our company, Flagship Technologies, Inc. is initiating a new performance review process, which will go in effect on November 15, 2007 (15/11/07). I would like you to begin the communication process to your team via email. Please send an email to your 20 direct reports today. The policy is as follows: Employees’ ratings are designated as: 1 – top 20% performers 2 – middle 70% performers 3 – bottom 10% performers – requires a detailed performance plan between
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Unformatted text preview: manager and employee Z – too new to review All managers have mandatory quotas for 10% bottom performers. There will be a document issued by HR shortly – by October 2, 2007 (02/10/07) – explaining performance criteria and expectations. Your employees should know that they will be receiving this document in the mail no later than October 15 (15/10/07). Also, let your employees know you will set up performance review meetings with each of them with a completion date of October 25 (25/10/07) for all reviews. Your Manager, Jim What you NEED to include in your email: 1) New performance ratings 2) 10% quota 3) You will set up performance review meetings w/ employees 4) Performance Review document coming in mail 5) Dates (remember, think globally – dd/mm/yy) (Spelling and grammar are important if for no other reason than to appear professional)...
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