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Discussion Lab 1

Discussion Lab 1 - Discussion This first lab that we did...

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Unformatted text preview: Discussion: This first lab that we did was mainly to get used to the equipments. For part 1, I recorded the data according what I perceived to be the right amount. This resulted in a slightly different observation between both me and my partner because everyone has a slightly different angle when it came to looking at the values of each apparatus. That is also why I believe there is the “uncertainty of measurement” factor to each experiment. The measurement of the 50ml burette must vary a lot amongst the students because the TA held it up with her hands. Since she is not a stiff object, the water line was subject to movement. Part 2 required us to use the electronic scale. Masses can vary a lot but on a small scale (a few thousandths of a decimal) due to air flow of the room. Part 3 was particularly difficult because of the pipette. The pipette was hard to operate because air bubbles would always get into the tube and therefore make the measurement inprecise. Not only did we have to work with the air bubbles, but it also had to be make the measurement inprecise....
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