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Discussion: The main objective of this experiment was to study the chemical reaction of Fe 3+ and SCN - to form Fe(SCN) 2+ and measure concentrations of ions in solution using a spectrophotometer to determine the equilibrium constant of this reaction at a given temperature. We started by taking seven labeled cuvettes and filling them up half way with the solutions (A-1 to A-7) which were already prepared for us by the TA. Also, the spectrophotometer was already set up for us so all we had to do was plug in the numbers. We placed each cuvette in the spectrophotometer one by one and recorded their individual absorptions at a constant wavelength. We calculated the concentration of [Fe(SCN) 2+ ] for each solution by multiplying the known concentration of KSCN (0.00200 M ) to the number of mL of KSCN over the sum of all the volume. We did this for solution A-1 to A-7. Afterwards, we used the program Excel to plot the absorbance (y-axis) vs. the concentration (x-axis) on a graph. The balanced equation of the reaction
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