ec essay on self hypnosis

ec essay on self hypnosis - Ori Biala Extra Credit for...

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Ori Biala Extra Credit for Exercise and Relaxation Class Self Hypnosis as a Relaxation Technique What is hypnosis exactly? Many people think it is some sort of crazy and illegitimate way to get people to do whatever you want. As a result of this it is necessary to give a short description about what hypnosis really is before I talk about it as a relaxation technique. As it states in Wikipedia, “Hypnosis (from the Greek word hypnos, “sleep”) is a trance like state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject. It is used for medical purposes like to relieve stress and improve behavior. There are different types of hypnosis including mass hypnosis and also autosuggestion which according to Wikipedia also is s a “Process by which an individual trains the subconscious mind to believe something, or systematically schematizes the person's own mental associations, usually for a given purpose”. This autosuggestion is completed through the use of self hypnosis. So now I will begin talking about the process of self hypnosis including how to go about it and the steps. The best thing about self hypnosis is that you can do it by yourself. This takes away a lot of restrictions that would stop people from doing this exercise including the time it would take them to go see a hypnotist, the cost, and their comfortability with the hypnotist. Using the same relaxation response like in meditation
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ec essay on self hypnosis - Ori Biala Extra Credit for...

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