essay on dissociatve physchology

essay on dissociatve physchology - 1 Ori Biala Kelly Adams...

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Ori Biala Kelly Adams Expository Writing I 9/18/07 The Real World In the New Humanities Reader containing Martha Stout’s “When I woke up Tuesday Morning, It was Friday,” Martha states, “What is sanity? Are normal people always dependably sane, or could it be said that we experience sanity only as a temporary, fluctuating state?” (Stout 578). This is a superb way to question sanity because it seems that for everyone the basic definition is the same, but after that it varies greatly. The same can also be said for behavioral results of distraction, escape, dissociative state, and trance because all people seem to have these distractions, but they differ on why they have them and if these distractions are normal or “insane”. As a result of reading Martha Stout’s “When I woke up Tuesday Morning, it was Friday” and from our personal experiences it can be established that it is not possible for any of us to truly know the real world in all its constant detail, and we do not have to do so in order to be called sane because sanity is only what is defined by the norm or not unique, and average people in today’s society, who are afraid to be different and seem uncivilized in the eyes of others. What is sanity many people would ask? By the definition from the dictionary it states that sanity is, “Soundness of the mind, judgment, and reason”, and if you asked many people they would probably say the same, but to describe further is complicated to say the least. In my opinion, I would say that sanity is an overused word which represents most of the population, while insane represents the clinical and emotionally unstable side. Sanity could be described as 1
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connected, truths, real things, normal, rational, functional, ordinary, level- headed, observant, stable, fluid, controlled, coherent, conscious-self, self-awareness, etc. However, on the flipside, some would say that we are insane and that the others are sane. Is sanity just based on the norms or could maybe the insane think that we are insane because we are different and strange to them and that they are sane? For this reason, sanity is an extremely complicated and confusing word because it can be made to mean so many things. Surely though, sanity is decided by the majority, which consists of the people in the world that very closely surround and influence them to do things in the manner that they do. This majority of these people are included in the media, movies, television, religion, etc, and they decide what is sanity because they symbolize everything that is popular, well liked, and definitely not abnormal. What is the real world and can any of us every truly know the real world in all its constant detail? The answer is no simply because the world is so big and knowledge never ends. One can always learn more.
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essay on dissociatve physchology - 1 Ori Biala Kelly Adams...

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