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psyc notes test 2 - Predictors of Employee Selection...

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1 7/18/2007 Predictors of Employee Selection Predictors - Variables used to forecast criteria on ones - Variables vary by consistency and accuracy - Able to predict success etc. - Reliability: consistency or stability of test scores 1. Test/retest 2. Inter-rater 3. Inter-item or internal consistency. Consistency or homogeneity among items in a scale. Split/half: consistency between to halves of same measure. 4. Equivalent/parallel forms - Validity: the accuracy of drawing inferences from a test 1. Construct: test actually measures what it was designed to measure. 2. Face: extent to which test items appears to access what they were designed to measure. 3. Content: extent to which items sample the range of behaviors represented by the theoretical construct being measured. 4. Criterion: extent to which a test correlates or predicts (forecasts) a criterion. - concurrent: extent to which 2 tests administered at the same time measure the same theoretical construct (correlate with each other). - predictive: extent to which test predicts future behavior/performance that is related to that same construct. Employee Selection - Process of reviewing information about job applicants in order to select them for jobs. A variety of data is reviewed from: Resumes Applications Employment tests Interviews Letters of recommendation/references Application - Application: bio information, education, work experience, and accomplishments. These are strongest predictors of future job performance. - Inquiries about age, ethnic background, religious affiliation, marital status, or finances should not be included. - Some applicants are weighted. How do you know? If you survey employees you are able to find out what works. Letters of recommendation - Provide evidence of employment history, applicant’s character, evaluation of
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applicant’s job performance and reccomender’s willingness to rehire the applicant. - Letters back validity. Applicants usually distorted in a positive way. Poor predictor of job performance. 7/24/2007 Legal Cases - Griggs v. Duke Power Company: company must prove that test is fair, even if individual brings suit. - Albermarle v. Moody: court ruled that the EEOC guidelines be granted deference of law and that appraisals as criteria must be job related. - Bakke v. University of California: court ruled that Whites can also be victims of discrimination. Selection Ratio - Number of job openings divided by the number of job applicants SR=n/N The smaller the SR the greater the predictor’s value. Decrease Probability of Legal Action - Analyze job to ascertain characteristics of successful performance. - Incorporate these characteristics into a rating instrument. - Communicate performance standards to employees. - Train supervisors in the rating instrument.
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psyc notes test 2 - Predictors of Employee Selection...

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