Pres Sig Analysis

Pres Sig Analysis - In the field of psychology it is...

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In the field of psychology it is impossible to absolutely know what it is that a patient is thinking inside their mind. It relies upon a strong patient/therapist report and a willingness on the patient’s part to release their most coveted secrets. In the field of graphology these hidden thoughts and not so hidden traits appear on each page of a handwritten document. With a keen eye and knowledge in psychology, psychoanalysis, and graphological principle one can begin to understand the inner workings of a persons being. From the average person you see everyday to presidents of the United States of America their thoughts are frozen on every page that is written. Many people often speculate what type of person it takes to become president. It is definitely an all-encompassing personality type that shows strength, determination, and the ability to deal with the enormous amounts of stress that comes with the job. While looking at five former presidents’ signatures, George Washington, James Madison, Woodrow Wilson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Richard Nixon, these traits flow from their pens onto the page in their signatures. However, over time and certain extenuating circumstances their sense of who they are changes and this can be seen in the samples of signatures. President George Washington, the first president of the United States of America is still widely revered as the greatest president this nation has ever had. His stoic pride
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and legendary status comes through in his signature. In the 1789 signature Washington had just been elected president after winning the Revolutionary War against the British. Though the war had been over for months this was one of the most stressful times over the past fifteen years of military engagement because now it was a point to negotiate with their adversaries for a lasting peace. There is no evidence of any stressors in Washington’s signature. It is a smooth, ornate style with extravagant upper-zonal elaboration. This extremely unique signature, with the elaboration, originality, and near perfect right slant, shows a very driven ambitious man, that had very high aspirations in which he planned on achieving at any expense. He also showed some lower zonal elaboration in the “G” in Washington. Instead of looping the “G” he created an arc. This elaboration in the id I feel shows his unwavering love for his wife, Martha. It is well
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Pres Sig Analysis - In the field of psychology it is...

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