Spiritual and Religious Ideas Associated With

Spiritual and Religious Ideas Associated With - Spiritual...

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Spiritual and Religious Ideas Associated With The War in Iraq and the Christian and Islamic Faiths Robert D’Angelo AMST 310.01 Dr. Smith March 15, 2005
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D’Angelo 1 When a democratic nation goes to war it is usually because of a decision made by a number of people. These people have moral and ethical values to base their decision of whether or not to send a nation and its people into a deadly conflict. Many people in the United States continue to base their decision making process on the values that have been derived from religious sectors. In the United States of America the majority of people are of the Christian faith, however there are a growing number of immigrants coming into the country who are of the Islamic faith. In peacetime this may not be a substantial issue however, the nation in which the United States is at war with is an Islamic Nation with an overwhelming majority of its citizens being Muslims. In reality the two religions are not very different in terms of value systems, on the other hand they differ mostly in the way in which followers practice their respective religions. In the United States people of all faiths have received the invasion of Iraq with mixed emotions, and the judgments of its citizens have been influenced by their religious backgrounds. A person derives some of their values from the religious system [if they believe in religions] they follow. To understand a religious person’s stance on the war in Iraq steps must be made in education about that particular religion. The Islamic faith, being a major component in the controversy over the War in Iraq, is the most misunderstood religion in the Judeo-Christian United States of America. One of the most misunderstood facts is that Islam is a religion based on the Old and New Testaments and only expands upon them in the Koran. All Muslims believe in Mohammed as God’s prophet, receiving
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Spiritual and Religious Ideas Associated With - Spiritual...

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