ut1-a - CHEM 228 Sec 507 1. UNIT TEST 1 1 MATCH each of the...

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CHEM 228 Sec 507 UNIT TEST 1 1 1. MATCH each of the statements below to the spectral technique that it best describes. Place the letter of the technique in the blank next to the statement. (2 pts each) A. MS B. NMR C. UV a)_____The technique that utilizes the highest frequency electromagnetic radiation. b)_____The technique that destroys the sample molecules. c)_____The technique that would readily allow differentiation between d)_____The amount of energy necessary to excite electrons from one molecular orbital to another. e)_____The technique utilizes an internal standard. 2. Use the data below to answer the following questions. Pseudoephedrine is the active ingredient in the decongestant Sudafed . Mass spectral analysis of pseudoephedrine shows M + at m/z = 165 with a minor M+1 peak. Infrared spectroscopy shows a strong, broad absorption at 3400 cm -1 , indicating the presence of a – OH group. a) The mass spectral data indicates the presence of a heteroatom (an atom other than C, O or H). Identify the heteroatom and briefly describe how you identified it. (3 pts) b) Calculate a possible molecular formula for pseudoephedrine. Show some calculations for full credit. (4 pts) Tammy H. Tiner, 2005 H 3 C C CH 3 CH 3 Cl Cl CH 2 CH CH 3 CH 3
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ut1-a - CHEM 228 Sec 507 1. UNIT TEST 1 1 MATCH each of the...

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