Review of Conscience of a Liberal

Review of Conscience of a Liberal - Travis Petler March...

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Travis Petler March 18 th , 2008 Juliet Wittman Conscience of A Liberal Review As I read through Paul Krugman’s, The Conscience of A Liberal , I began to find myself with an awakened sense of reality towards our countries economy. In Krugman’s book, he delves into the state of our countries inequality, which he states is a leading cause of the staggering wealth of our countries few elite and the instability of our middle to low class. The first section of the book is dedicated to revealing the current situation of our country’s economy and how it got there. During this unveiling, we are informed that our country’s economy has largely been shaped through political powers and partisanship between conservatives and liberals, rather than the “invisible hand,” which would allow it to be shaped naturally. Our countries economy began to take shape in the 1870’s when new technology really began to develop such as the telephone, automobile, lights, etc. This period allowed for large separations of the economic margins in our country where the poor would stay poor and the rich would continue getting richer. This era, which Krugman calls the “Extended Guilded Age,” lasted until the mid 1930’s when the effects of the Great Depression began to subside. The end of the depression, which was fueled by the
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Review of Conscience of a Liberal - Travis Petler March...

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