Notes 1-10 - Abnormal Psychology Jan10 • Family history...

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Unformatted text preview: Abnormal Psychology Jan10 • Family history of suicide is a risk factor for suicide o Britney already coming into world with • What were the factors that resulted in the issues that were going on with the person • What is the difference between how a person functions on daily basis for a longer period of time, vs. how they function at snapshots in their life • When we talk about a person’s personality function o What are their typical sense of themselves o What are their typical means of relating to other people o How do they manage emotions • When a person has a personality disorder that person’s personality doesn’t work well o Makes them vulnerable to depression Psychotic thinking • How typically do they function overa a long period of type • Clinical disorders o Depression o Anxiety o Substance abuse problems o Schitzophrenia • Symptoms Britney is experience o Substance abuse o Suicide o Appearance change o Erratic behavior • Do not take just one symptom and use them to diagnose • A classification system shouldn’t be used to label someone in the pejorative way o Used to understand what their limitations are and how to help them or deal with those limitations o Be respectful and understand why we want to do what we want to do • What is abnormal behavior o Unusual behavior o What is not typical behavior o One of the characteristics when determining if a behavior is normal or unusual Usualness is culturally defined o Social deviance Related to unusualness Does the behavior violate societies rules...
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Notes 1-10 - Abnormal Psychology Jan10 • Family history...

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