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Personality Disorder (PD) – psychoanalytical When a person behavior is rigid and causes problems to other people Most problems at adulthood characterized by erratic behaviors Ego syntonic – Ego dystonic Clusters A, B, and C – classification within the DSMIV A – odd and eccentric, becomes paranoid and schizoid B – dramatic and erratic, becomes overly emotional - borderline C – anxious and fearful, avoidance disorder, dependence, OCD A- classify as terrorists/child molester/ hold grudges and has few friends B- has problems with serious relationship, hard to trust others, hyper concern – more common in men then women C – social isolated, eccentric, limited emotion, abnormal – subtle, common in women, becomes easily connected to animal rather than humans Paranoid PD Schizoid PD – social withdrawal Schizotypal PD Antisocial PD (ASPD)* - lack of empathy, impulsive, don’t live up to commitment, no remorse and punishment don’t work, common in men and not women
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Unformatted text preview: Conduct Disorder – Pee in pants, lie, cheat, young girl prostitute DSM diagnosis of ASPD - age requirement is 18. No child support, big liars, lack of remorse Borderline PD* - histrionic Histrionic PD – center attention, dramatic shallow emotional responses women more than men, into fads, on stage acting and always trying to impress others, (model/actor – focus on look) Narcissistic PD* - overly inflated view of self – high need of admiration high need to be recognize – lack of empathy, self absorb, self mature and very charming Black and white world – in between borderline and psychotic Borderline neurotic psychotic Avoidant PD Dependent PD* 3 clusters 1. personality disorder – schizo 2. anxious – avoidance – OCD 3. manipulative, narcositic – borderline emotional liability anger – inappropriate – cut self and very impulsive...
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