Chapter 5 & 7 - Chapter 5 7 Psychological distress...

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Chapter 5 7 Psychological distress affect person identity or physically Defense mech – purpose used to help use deal with stress Dissociation mech – person psychological leaves or dissociate himself or herself from something that is traumatic (sexually abused child- separation of self) dissociated personality disorder Can be healthy – protect from intensity of what is occurring Something happens at young age, the younger the more detrimental - dissociated personality disorder often have great psychological symptoms versus something who’s healthy then traumatize by a death of family member or etc. . slow recover/fast recover - they don’t occur very often – less than 1%, more in female – prone to sexual abuse Multiple personality disorder/ dissociated personality disorder – splitting memory, identity, and consciousness Separation of ego/personality Alter ego – criteria - 2 distinct personality in one person, take control of person’s behavior, one personality take control there is an inability to recall memory from the other person, not b/c of drugs or alcohol. Actual EEG changes in brain, different eye glass prescription. Controversial – most cases are reported from people who study dissociated psychological disorder. Do they have dissociated personality disorder? Or is he/she being reinforce. They are very suggestible. Integration – treatment – take discrepant personalities together, different memories/component and form them whole --different from schizo – thoughts are more fragment in schizo – but dissociated personality disorder are aware of reality, and has no hallucinations more typical in women from 18- 30 dissociative amnesia – loses time/memory – psychological forgetting – memory lost for emotional reasons [something traumatic that causes brain to not able to recall memories] most common type of dissociated personality disorder. Person forgets important info – something involving traumatic or stressful to them. Not b/c of drugs, alcohol or any other diseases can be cure- can come back instantly or slowly Localize amnesia – specific time period of memory are forgotten [example – house burn down on july 4 th – forget everything happened on july 4 th Selective amnesia- forget specific things occur around an event – can remember july 4 th , but forget house burning down [Malingering – purposely forgetting certain memories] generalize amnesia – forget whole life – retrograde FUGE – leave homes and move and assume a new identity – person travel suddenly and forget past information – formal self will return in days – very rare to last over a year Depersonalization disorder – feel detach from self or surrounding – change in sensation – primary because he or she is under stress Depersonal – detachment from oneself or one body [ I saw myself panicking] Derealization – lost in sense in surrounding, [panic attack – floor was moving] Why occur? Psychodynamic – ppl use dissociation mech to cope with trauma – massive repression of
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Chapter 5 & 7 - Chapter 5 7 Psychological distress...

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