2-21 - APsych 2-21-08 Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders...

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Unformatted text preview: APsych 2-21-08 Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders Psychological distress that impacts physical function, or identity something is emotionally impacting them at either a cognitive, emotional, or behavioral level...and the distress impacts the persons identity or physical functioning Dissociative Disorders defense mechanism of dissociation (defense mech - mech. we use to help deal with stress) - a person psychologically leaves or dissociates himself from something that is traumatic role that trauma plays - children who are physically/sexually abused, or see family harmed/hurt to decrease the trauma from what is occurring people with DD are people that have been traumatized, have significant psychological problems DId disorder does not happen very often <1% more in women? women are 'victimized' earlier than men DId used to be Multiple Personality Disorder, now Dissociative Identity Disorder? our id, conscious, memory is supposed to be 1 together, in DID, the memory isn't? DID - people develop Alters (personalities) DID Must: have 2 distinct personalities that exist in the same person these personalities will take control of the persons behavior (inability to recall info from the other personality) not caused by drug/alcohol use will see EEG changes/eye glass prescription changes with different personalities personalities can be conflicting with each other DID is a controversial disorder, and a majority of a DID are identified by those that study it are there really people with PDs who are in some way being reinforced by the therapist for eliciting these personalities people with these PDs are suggest-able...easily talked into things, easily hypnotized critics: these people are acting successful treatment is integration - take the personalities and blend the 2 memories together DID is a splitting off of personality - diff from schizo, where their thought processes become fragmented and they have delusions....VERY LITTLE IN COMMON DID each personality remains contact with reality; unlike schizo usually seen in adolescence than adulthood....more in women than men...shows up 18-30usually seen in adolescence than adulthood....
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2-21 - APsych 2-21-08 Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders...

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