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hw5chee - Throwing away lots of trash-Recycle Air...

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CHEE 1331-FALL 2004 Prof. K. Mohanty Homework #5, Due October 12, 2004 List chemicals you use in your room or apartment Alcohol isopropyl Magnesium Sulfate Glutamic acid Chloride Bleach Lauric Acid Ethyle Acetate Sodium hydroxide Sodium Chloride Stearic Acid Tocopheryl Acetate Palmitic Acid Fluoride Propylene Glycol Benzoic Acid Citric acid Sodium bicarbonate List several adverse environmental effects that you cause and name one process for reducing it Driving a car producing CO2 and NOx-Carpool
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Unformatted text preview: Throwing away lots of trash-Recycle Air pollution-Purchase energy efficient appliances Waste water- Take shorter showers Waste energy- Turn off lights when not using them Buying wasteful products- Buy things made with recyclables Produce greenhouse gases- Plant trees • Find the maximum ozone level at Channelview on your birthday last year: September 10, 2003 Maximum ozone level: 23...
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