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Spring 02 exam open - Name CHEE 3369 Chemical Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: Name CHEE 3369 Chemical Engineering Transport Processes SPRING SEMESTER, 2002 Exam 1 — Open Book Part (55%) Instructions: Answer the following questions. You may consult your notes and text book (WSR). When you are done, turn in your exam. 6. (25%) Air at 25 E’C is blown against a pane of glass 1-cm thick. If the glass is initially at —2 °C and has frost on its outside surface, estimate the length of time required for the frost to begin to melt. Additional information: .. Neglect any external heat transfer limitations on 25 °C side; assume frost serves as insulator on cold side. Glass properties: 9 = 2.27 g/cm3 k = 0.01 chm K Cp = 840 Jig K a Water freezes at 0 °C. Spring, 2002 CHEE 3369 Exam ‘1 5 ...
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