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It would not be a stretch to say that African people are the most copied people in the world. The cultural influence of African peoples has spanned every facet of life, from clothing, art, linguistics, music, food, and more. Perhaps the area in which African Americans have had the greatest amount of influence on other cultures would be religion. The Black Church is a unique meeting place for African Americans to congregate amongst one another, and it has many unique characteristics that makes it different than other churches. One of the most distinguishable differences is the way the preacher tells a sermon. The Black Church today is widely known for the storytelling of the preachers during sermons. When the preacher preaches everyone listens, because he can grab everyone’s attention by his delivery and rhythm. If a point needs to be emphasized he would repeat it and say it louder and slower.
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Unformatted text preview: He uses hand gestures and may not even need to use a microphone. Ministers are also known for having lengthy sermons. Often times in evangelical settings people will scream praises of worship worshipers would often times fall out or faint and described their experiences and being so intense they could not control themselves. Lengthy sermons encouraged these behaviors. The head of the church would be considered as the spiritual leader and followers were taken to a higher place spiritually. These religious practices are rooted in Africa. During colonial times, white evangelical Christians picked up these practices, especially the Quakers who often times had intense encounters with God and other spirits. How ironic that the very people who oppressed African people were the same ones that mimicked their religious practices....
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