Museum - The Shrine is an extension of the Black Madonna...

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The Shrine is an extension of the Black Madonna Pan African Orthodox Church. Differentiate between western and orthodox. The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church (PAOCC) forms the theological groundwork to create an institutional power for Blacks. It is also devoted to the encouragement, empowerment, and freedom of the Pan-African world community. The PAOCC believes in sankofa, in that they want to “return or recover” the Black Church to its historic roots. The historic roots are based on the teachings of the Black Messiah, Jesus Christ, and Christianity. The PAOCC presents "seekers" with restorative procedure and religious restraints as well as theology with an African heritage foundation making Blacks able to better understand the teachings of God. Westernization is the process of the Europeanization of human principles and civilization. Westernization with respect to religion is the absolute removal of the African origins from Christianity and the original teachings of the Black Messiah. How can the museum be used in the African American community in Houston and the community at large? The Shrine of the Black Madonna can be used as an organization of advanced education to provide a unique and interesting learning environment for any and all ethnic groups and ages by finally allowing those of various backgrounds the opportunity to learn about African and African-American civilization, culture, history and important events in history. The culture center can foster an attitude of Black Reality, ingenuity, know-how, and survival. The best way to learn about ourselves is to learn about our past.
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List 3 displays that you found to be intriguing. Discuss each of the 3 displays from a
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Museum - The Shrine is an extension of the Black Madonna...

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