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Ella Enchanted - Lack 1 The Complications Qualifications...

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Lack 1 The Complications, Qualifications, and Expansions Of Auden And Campbell As They Relate To Ella Enchanted Not every journey is the same but most have similar aspects. Campbell and Auden explain the various requirements of a quest and what it takes to be a hero. In the book Ella Enchanted , by Gail Carson Levine, we follow Ella through her journey to find her freedom. We also see Ella’s journey in the book as compared to her journey in the movie by Miramax. The book Ella is from a town called Frell and her family lives in a manor house. Like in most fairytales this story includes a few magical creatures including fairies. When Ella is born her mother is horrified when a fairy named Lucinda shows up to bestow a “gift” on Ella. Lucinda is known for her beauty and her not so wonderful gifts. When she arrives, she gives Ella the gift of obedience. For the rest of her life Ella will be destined to do just as she is told. This gift is what sets Ella on her quest later in life. Ella’s journey is not so much an option but a way to get her freedom. This complicates Auden’s theory that heroes are called to journey, for Ella is not called to her journey but rather happens upon it on an opportune time. There is also no refusal of the journey which is common in quest stories. The book complicates Campbell’s statement about atonement with the father(Reader 30). Ella’s father is emotionally and physically absent. She never settles anything with him and he does not help her in any way. He does not even know about the gift. Before Ella embarks, there are several elements that
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Ella Enchanted - Lack 1 The Complications Qualifications...

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