Rws Unit 2 - Unit Two Sequence Two Thomas Jefferson-Draft...

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Unit Two Sequence Two Thomas Jefferson-Draft of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson starts by explaining that the following draft as the original wordsplus those added to it. The Declaration begins by saying that when government is disrupting God given rightsof people, those people have the right to separate from that government. All people start out equaland they all have the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The king of England has been treating thecolonies very badly. He won’t agree to laws, he won’t pass needed laws; he won’thave laws for large groups of people. He makes legislatorstravel long ways in order to tire them into doing what he wants. He abolishes representative houses. He threatens to invade. He prevents the population from expanding. He refuses to let judiciary powers be established. Judges have to do what he wants. He keeps standing armies. He has convinced other countries to not acknowledgeAmerican laws. He has disowned America and wants to wage war. He has ruined the lives of Americans. He is bringingarmies to the coast to kill everyone. He takes prisoners and makesthem fight against America. He has threatened to bring the Indians against them. He has violated God given rights. America has been kind to England. The king is a tyrant. They are disturbing the harmony of America. The United States is absolved from their allegiance to Britain. Frederick Douglass- What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? Douglass begins by telling his audience that he is nervous. He is there to give a 4 th of July speech. He has come a longway from he’s days as a slave. The 4 th of July is a celebration of National Independence. England acted as a parent
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over America. The fore-fathers believed that the Britishgovernment was unjust and oppressive. They felt unjustly treated. The king grew mad at the fore- fathers. They felt wronged and had a solution, to separate from England. Everyone hated change. Some people didn’t want to separate fromEngland. On July 2 nd , it was decided to split from Britain. They succeeded and now everyone is free. The Declaration is an important part of Americas beginning. The Population was about 3 million. The fore-fathers were good brave men. They laid down their lives for freedom. They were peaceful men but were willing to go to war in order to get what they wanted. They set up the country to last for a long
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Rws Unit 2 - Unit Two Sequence Two Thomas Jefferson-Draft...

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