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Test 1 Review - Before the dark ages people were learning...

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Before the dark ages , people were learning and had dissected human corpses. In the Dark Ages , why was this previous knowledge lost? b/c few people could read or write Which of the following best describes early human’s belief that the gods and magic could be used to explain disease? Cause and effect relationships are simplistic and provide explanations for otherwise baffling circumstances In the movie, the public health movement of the 1920’s-1930’s was denied funding by Congress following an intense lobbying effort by the AMA because… nurses were taking their patients thus decreasing their income How were nurses described during Civil War? Untrained and unprofessional 17 th and 18 th century hospitals were cleaned up as a result of Florence Nightingale’s efforts. False- wrong centuries. Pasteur introduced the theory of asepsis. He discovered that washing hands, instruments and aprons decreased maternal mortality. False Nursing schools organized to provide cheap labor. Disease patterns in early civilizations changed due to which of the following?
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