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Professionalism in Nursing

Professionalism in Nursing - Professionalism in Nursing...

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Professionalism in Nursing When nursing schools were developed, each one emphasized different areas depending on their patients. No standardized curriculum. Flexnar Report- 1915- in order to move nursing and medicine to professional level, need certain elements Body of knowledge that everyone can learn that was the same Kind of work done in nursing/medical school needed to be intellectual, just not physical Must be practical as well as theoretical- teach things that can actually be used, not just ideas Taught through process of highly specialized education- people will gain larger understanding of content Strong internal organization of members and well-developed group consciousness- need to have strong sense of what they’re teaching Schools of nursing need to be motivated by altruism (caring for others) and public consciousness Diff btwn occupation and profession Occupation o On the job training o Length of training may vary- depending on the job o Work largely manual o Values/beliefs/ethics not features or preparation for work o Workers supervised o Material reward is primary motivator o Accountability rests primarily with employer o Trial and error in decision making o People can change jobs frequently- not unusual Profession o Education at university or college o Long standardized education o Work mainly intellectual o Values/beliefs/ethics are core of the work o Workers more autonomous- loosely supervised o Commitment transcends material reward o Accountability rests with YOU, not employer o Decision making is based on science or theory, not trial-and-error as much o People unlikely to change professions
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Barriers to professionalism - why we have a hard time moving ahead Varied levels of professional preparation o Can go to 2 or 3 yr community college o Or 4 yr school- university- bacheloriate degree o Some nursing schools opening in college No consensus on educational level Gender balance has not been achieved- predominantly female, think we can get taken advantage of Connection to religion- unquestioning obedience- runs counter to what we want nurses to be Altruistic nature (willingness to do for others) works against our better interests and individuals b/c less likely to press for higher wages or other things to make our lives better for fear of seeming greedy Lack of participation in professional organization- 6% nurses actually belong to ANA, we cant lobby effectively, not as powerful (2.7 million nurses, only 6% in
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Professionalism in Nursing - Professionalism in Nursing...

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