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189 1st paper - Maia Kazaks January 21, 2008 Env S 189 Food...

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Maia Kazaks January 21, 2008 Env S 189 Food Rules This summer, while in the shower in Sweden, I had an understanding between my separate being and the greater organism supporting all life. I placed my body in an analogy with the earth and began drawing realistic parallels between several environmental problems and some health issues. I pollute my body when I don’t select my food carefully. I am increasing the stress on my internal systems by insulating too much, as the carbon dioxide problem is doing through the greenhouse gas cycle. I even thought of how great it is that I am letting my tropical rainforest grow, since I haven’t shaved my legs in approximately 10 months. Once I had this closeness with our mother I could understand my zeal for absorbing everything I could on the subject. I am so happy to be studying the environment in a place like Santa Barbara. It is easy to refocus my efforts on saving my own life as I alert others to the impending retribution of global climate change and the extreme weather events (and diseases), widespread extinction (or organ failure), and world-wide sea-level rise (a variation of weight gain, I predict). I feel that it is important to amplify the catalyst for my renewal of spirit in the field. Once I felt that my actions had a closer consequence, I was moved. This is at least partly due to the predominantly Christian society that I was raised in. I am myself not a member of any church, but the themes of Christianity and effects of its moral system have certainly influenced me. Christianity is very selfish. This and the other major religions of the world, to the extent that I understand them and have read about them, are utterly human centered. There are laws about bettering ourselves, and morals for human interactions. It is a bad mistake to ignore what is in between every entity in the world. It
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may be that there is a singular influential spirit or a god guiding the intentions of the lively and active members of our environment, but we are too easily led into the factory- pressed ideals and misperceptions that there is nothing worth observing and respecting between any number of, any variety of, beings. At any rate, all beings must eat- not only the delicious foods of our human
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189 1st paper - Maia Kazaks January 21, 2008 Env S 189 Food...

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