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Srinivas Questions to Study for Midterm (Chapters 1-4) 1) Nachcha, Srinivas's cook was a Brahmin. Why was it necessary that he be of this caste? (p. 9) Only another Brahmin could cook for Brahmins and the headman was of this caste and so was Srinivas. This was helpful to Srinivas because Nachch could teach Srinivas how to behave like a Brahmin as that is what the elders would expect from him. 2) Why did the men of the headman's household and other orthodox families have to employ a barber rather than keeping and using a safety razor themselves? (pp 17 -18) (INA Shaving is considered polluting, and safety razors are considered polluting instruments. The barber as well is considered polluting. To remedy this, the Brahmin he shaved was required to take a bath after the shave and change into “pure” clothes to avoid pollution. Also note, the spot where he sat (out on the veranda) had to be purified with ubiquitous purifier, a solution of cow dung. 3) How did Srinivas's identity as a Brahmin complicate his fieldwork in Rampura? (pp. 22-24) He was deferred to; he was expected to conduct himself as a Brahmin (shave before a shower; be a vegetarian, etc.) and keep to all the rules about pollution and purity; particularly he was constrained from meeting with the Dalits. Also: He was doted upon by the peasants, which meant they felt responsible in following him around. This left him little time to be alone. The headman always wanted to know Srinivas’s whereabouts and didn’t want him to become friendly with several young men who opposed him. His work required that he participate in gossip from everyone—including the Harijans. 4) What were some adjustments or difficulties Srinivas faced as a western-educated urbanite in the village? (LISA) 1. He lost his sense of privacy (pg. 32). 2.
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Anth142Srinivas - Srinivas Questions to Study for Midterm...

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