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2/13/07 Translation Overview amino acids o determined by the type of codon that is read codons – any set of 3 nucleotides o reading frame is set by the start codon o it marks the one that is correct AUG is a common START condon UAG is a common STOP codon peptide bond o the link that bonds the 2 carbon groups o the carboxyl group of one carbon group and the H of o the amine group hydrate (H2O) and are released o then the 2 carbon groups can bond polarity o anticodons are written 3’ 5’ (antiparallel) amino vs. carboxy end o amino [N] H-N o carboxyl [C] O = C -- OH tRNA anatomy 3’ stem o also called the ACCEPTOR STEM o created by the enzyme AMINOACYL tRNA synthetase anticodon arm o the loop that points south, in the middle, o directly across from the 3’ and 5’ stem T ψ C arm o the loop CLOSEST to the 3’ stem, usually the left D arm o The loop closest to the 5’ end, usually the right side o Has weak bonds The TpsiC loop and D loop interact with each other at the upper right hand corner And the anticodon loop still remains at the bottom This structure helps translation more accurate and faster The genetic code start codon - AUG stop codons – UAG o these are codons that read for a certain amino acid (valine, phenylalanine, etc.) o these are NOT ANTIcodons degeneracy – similar to “redundancy” o all relates to math: 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 total different combinations in the codons o but some codon sets of 3 don’t code for anything, they’re a stop codon (64 – 3 stop codons = 61 ) o that allllllll code for 20 different amino acids 5 different codons can all code for the same amino acid near universality – they both apply to prokaryotes and eukaryotes Wobble the bases and the anticodon move side to side to find a perfect fit
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5_Translation - 2/13/07 Translation Overview amino acids o...

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