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Transcription Transcription translation DNA --------------- RNA ------------- protein RNA poly ribosome Information flow and the Central Dogma Francis Crick – DNA RNA protein; Crick was saying the function of DNA was to instruct on how to create RNA; DNA is used as a template for RNA (transcription) transcription: RNA polymerase translation: ribosome – making the protein Crick was only correct when it came to mRNA; but there are other types of RNA as well where do these RNA’s come from? RNA polymerase must transcribe them from DNA templates (same process of transcription) the difference between mRNA and the rest is… mRNA is actually translated to make proteins, tRNA, rRNA, and snRNA are not translated tRNA – transport function rRNA – forms structure of RNA reverse transcriptase – Crick says that a polypeptide can not be used as a template for RNA; however, RNA can be used as a template to create DNA retroviruses – HIV; have RNA genomes; to replicate the RNA genome, they use reverse transcriptase to make DNA templates to make more copies of its RNA genome Telomerase – also uses RNA as template to make DNA Coupled Not all DNA is transcribed… genes - sequence with ability to be transcribed Overview and Definitions Initiation – beginning of transcription Promoter – needs this at the beginning of transcription; without this, there can be no transcription must include binding sequence for RNA polymerase contains a sequence that can be easily unwound; where unwinding will begin and spread into the gene marks the exact start point of the gene; first nucleotide to be transcribed does not need primer; RNA polymerase does not have the restriction of DNA polymerase elongation – how nucleotides are added onto the beginning piece of RNA triphosphate ribonucleotides template strand vs. sense strand pretty similar to replication except no proof reading termination how does RNA polymerase know when to stop? What marks the end of the gene? downstream vs. upstream – the promoter is located upstream of the gene; the site of transcription and termination lies downstream of the coding region which lies downstream of the promoter (terms used to determine position of certain things) numbered nucleotides – first nucleotide transcribed is
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03Transcription - Transcription Transcription translation...

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