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1/18 Important experiments in DNA history: 1928 – Griffith studies strep o 2 types – Smooth and Rough o Smooth kills mice; isolated from dead mice o Rough lacks polysaccharide coats; mice live o Heat kills smooth cells; mice survive o Live rough cells added with dead smooth cells; kills mice; isolated smooth cells from blood. Rough cells are transformed -> transforming Principle, which is heritable. Begins thoughts it might be genes. 1941 – Finding that transforming principle is genetic – seek to find the chemicals Dead Smooth
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Unformatted text preview: Lipid fraction & live R --> no S colonies Protein fraction & live R --> no S colonies RNA fraction & live R --> no S colonies DNA fraction & live R --> S colonies DNAse breaks down DNA So live R & SDNA fraction & DNAse --> no S colonies Live R & SDNA fraction & RNAse --> S colonies formed Live R & SDNA fraction & protease --> S colonies formed 1952 Hershey and Chase use above to find that DNA is genetic material (of phages) and eventually all organisms....
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